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Prestbury is an established, family-oriented, community located in Sugar Grove, IL. It consists of
950 homes surrounded by nature. It also has hundreds of miles of concrete sidewalks. Like virtually anything in life, concrete doesn’t last forever. The aging sidewalks of Prestbury were in need of some help. These sidewalks had two glaring issues: they were unlevel and unsightly. However, some were in even worse shape and posed serious hazards to the residents of, and visitors to, Prestbury. These deteriorating sidewalks could have caused personal injury, damage to property, and even legal liability to the community. Given the significance of this problem, the management and trustees of Prestbury turned to Concrete Co for help. We came in to evaluate the situation and to provide appropriate solutions. Once we were given the go-ahead, our team of concrete specialists went to work to lay down smooth, level, and durable concrete sidewalks that are now safely enjoyed by the many residents of Prestbury.

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Whether you need sidewalk repair or more extensive concrete work, the professionals at Concrete Co are ready to lend a hand. Concrete work is sometimes taken for granted. After all, we walk on it basically every day of our lives and seldom, if ever, look down and give it much thought. But there’s a lot to consider when concrete works needs to be done. With our expertise, we make sure subgrade preparation is done correctly. We also ensure the use of quality concrete, which we place, finish, and texture to perfection. Next, we properly form or cut joints to control the natural cracking that occurs in concrete. And, last but certainly not least, we let the concrete cure to the specifications of the mix we’re using on a particular project, a critical step to getting durable concrete.

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