It won’t be long before you consider them friends


Mike Baines

Design/Build Construction and Enhancement Lead

Mike’s love for landscaping is so contagious that he’s passed it on to everyone on the Greenscape Team. His devotion to the work also extends to his many customers. He loves working with them, and they respond in kind. That’ll happen when a customer can genuinely sense that they’re being cared for. Mike’s many years in the business bear this out, and so too do the many beautiful projects he’s had a hand (albeit a soiled one) in creating.


JT Branneman

Maintenance Lead

JT is totally committed to his work. No surprise, since a passion for landscaping and outdoor work is infectious at Greenscape, and JT is no different than anyone else on the Team. Most every day you can find him doing his best to mow, prune, and rake his way into the hearts of his customers. Sure, JT is a likable guy, but it’s also their beautifully maintained yards that his customers can’t help but admire.


Heather Filkowski

Head of Customer Wow

Everything we can say about Heather can be summed up in one word: Wow! Our customers have been known to say it about Heather as well. The reason for their enthusiasm is that whenever anything, and we mean anything, needs to get done, Heather will take care of it to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Whatever you need, you can be sure that Heather
will handle it in her Wow-inspiring way.


Melissa Wickert


Melissa is the Queen of Design. If her stunning landscapes and outdoor living spaces could be hung on a wall, you’d surely see them alongside other works of art while wandering through, say, the Louvre. While that may not quite be possible, one thing’s for sure: all Melissa’s customers need to do to admire her works of art is to simply look out their windows and gaze upon their beautifully designed outdoor spaces.


Ken Payne

Commercial Maintenance Ninja

Everyone at Greenscape calls Ken a Ninja for good reason. Like the actual Ninjas of history and of film, Ken has dedicated his life to mastering a valuable skill. Luckily for our commercial customers, instead of sneaking from treetop to treetop, you’re much more likely to find Ken pruning trees. Ken’s a standout when it comes to maintaining the properties he’s been tasked to keep looking smart and professional; an important first impression that companies want to make on all those arriving at their places of business.



Office Happiness Lead

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