The fun doesn’t need to end when summer does

We’re much more than just landscapers. We go above and beyond the seasonal beauty plants, trees, and lawns by offering to build structures on your property that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors for a greater number of months, perhaps even for the entire year. By creating functional features such as solid and retractable roofs, pergolas, or sun shading elements, we can transform your seasonal outdoor space into a year-round source of enjoyment.

There are many more ideas worth considering

How about putting in a fireplace under an open-air solid roof? That can easily give you 9-12 months of usage; so will adding some heaters to your outdoor space. We can also install a custom TV mount, an arbor, or just about any other structure we can dream up for you. To ensure these new additions are built and installed correctly, we start with the proper concrete piers and footings, then we use rough sawn cedar or other outdoor-rated materials, and we finish it all off with robust accents and durable hardware. With Greenscape, you can be sure that your new custom structures aren’t just built to look great; they’re built to last.

We’d be thrilled to help bring your project to life

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