All great projects start with a great plan

Great planning is a hallmark of Greenscape. That’s why we make Concepting & Design the foundation of each project we undertake. Our in-house landscape design team takes pride in creating unique hardscapes and softscapes that are architecturally correct and custom-built to match our customers’ residences or commercial properties. You can be confident knowing that each member of our team will carefully consider every component of your plan.

Making sure your design goes with the flow

An effective landscape design should suit the style of the property, the neighborhood, and the owner's vision. One way in which we accomplish this is to ensure that our design looks like the work was done when your home was first built. For new construction, we coordinate with the owner/builder to make sure key elements of the landscaping build match the structure itself by using, where appropriate, the same materials. New construction also demands that special considerations be made in order to adequately address settling, drainage, and utilities to service the hardscape features of our designs.

Our turn-key service is key to your project’s success

Each project begins with an in-person visit from Greenscape staff. With this, we will listen to your needs and get the best understanding of your vision. After our first meeting, we compile what we’ve learned into a tangible set of drawings and renderings. This process is interactive, offering you the ability to modify and work with us so we can align our designs with your dreams for the space. At this point in the process, we deliver both 2D and 3D drawings, allowing you to see exactly what your project will look like when it’s completed.

We help you keep a close eye on your budget

Once your vision is realized, we move on to a comprehensive budgetary stage where we outline all project details, fully itemized, to help you understand where the costs lie. Discussions are held throughout this phase to make certain that the budget we create works for you. After everything’s been approved, we each sign an Accountability Contract, which holds both of us responsible for the success of your project. Our budgets are firm, which means there are never any surprises when you hire Greenscape.

If there are changes, we make them easy to manage

It’s only natural to change your mind along the way. Maybe you want to add that firepit you’d originally dropped from your wish list after all. When this happens, we offer a simple Request Change Form that only you can approve. This creates documentation as to how the change will affect the overall budget. Once any changes are considered, it’s time to pick out materials and schedule a start date. Before the first hole is dug, we make sure all underground utilities are located and all work permits are obtained. Finally, we accept delivery of sourced materials, unfurl the construction drawings, and get out the shovels.

You continue to play a key role in all this

Our team will communicate with you face-to-face during each day of your project. To make sure nothing is missed, we create a “punch” list of all remaining tasks. When the last item on it is finished, we can all take a deep breath and cross the finish line together. The final result of our labor is a well-orchestrated project that was planned properly, and executed skillfully. For us, there is no greater measure of success than to hear a customer say, “It looks just like you designed it, only better”.

We’d be thrilled to help bring your project to life

Plant the seed and watch it grow with Greenscape