Outdoor lighting lets your landscaping take a bow

Outdoor landscape lighting, whether it’s full or low voltage, serves a number of purposes. It can help you enjoy your outdoor space after sunset, it can show off your beautiful softscape and hardscape features, and it can provide security for your property. Lighting is always a part of our landscape design and shown as a line item on our proposals. Outdoor lighting is easy to add at any time down the road or to a pre-existing area. We have a licensed electrician on staff who installs all our lighting systems.


Lighting is never an afterthought with us

Lighting must be done correctly and to code. We ensure this by calculating wiring runs based on the number of lighting fixtures, amperage draw per fixture, and voltage drop per run. All connections are made with crimped and sealed couplings. We do not use silicon wire nuts and electrical tape because they’re the largest failure point in outdoor lighting. Simply stated, our installation practices prevent most future problems that are commonly seen in outdoor lighting done by folks without the proper experience.

We only do business with the best in the business

We procure all of our electrical components from the finest lighting manufacturers in the industry. Almost 100% of the lights we install come from CAST Lighting or their sister company SOURCE Lighting. Both back up their products and offer anywhere from 5-year to lifetime warranties on everything they make and sell. All fixtures are cast bronze or copper which patina and blend seamlessly with the landscape. Other sourced products are made of attractive and durable brass.


Our work shines, and so will your outdoor space

Whether it’s uplighting, downlighting (moonbeams), wash lights, pathway lights, or in-grade/in-paver lighting, we’ll design a lighting plan that sets your home apart from everyone else in the neighborhood. If color-changing lights are right for you, we have some of the most technically advanced lighting options on the market. Still on the fence? Allow us to dazzle you with our demo lighting kit. We’ll come out to your home and within 30 minutes, we can set up a lighting display that we’ll leave with you for a few nights to help you decide.

We’d be thrilled to help bring your project to life

Plant the seed and watch it grow