We’re no “Chuck in a truck”, we’re pros with a plan

If all you need is a “Chuck in a truck”, then we’re not your guys. If, instead, you need a full-service professional landscape company that has the knowledge and correct equipment to manage your property, then we’re the ones to call. You can choose a la carte services or let us take care of everything from start to finish.

Season after season, we’re here to help

We can start in the spring with a detailed post-winter cleanup that includes bed edging, cultivating planting beds, applying fresh mulch, and cutting back any perennials and grasses that were not pruned in the fall. Turf gets a spring fertilizer, and we plan a weed management strategy so your lawn looks beautiful all season long. As spring gets going, we’ll begin mowing your lawn and implementing our turf strategy. We’re also on hand to clean up your yard for those special events, like graduation parties, birthdays, and weddings.

While you’re at the beach, we’re on the job

Summer is no time to slack off, at least not for us. Summer pruning is completed when the spring flowers have blossomed and fallen off, and new growth begins to sprout. Once summer heats up, we keep an eye out for pests and invasive weeds in your lawn, making quick work of any intruders. We also maintain your planting beds with ongoing weed control. As fall approaches, we’ll give turf its needed nutrients and start to manage falling leaves. Ultimately, we’ll do a final fall cleanup, where we prune back perennials, grasses, and shrubs, as needed.

Again, whatever your needs, we can help

If you’d like help to get your spring jump-started to where you can maintain your property on your own, or if you’d rather come home to a consistently manicured property, talk to us about how we can tailor a program that best fits your wants and needs. If you’re a commercial customer, we’re ready, willing, and most able to manage your properties and make recommendations based on our regular on-site visits and on our constant management of the Greenscape landscaping team we assign to your property.

We’d be thrilled to help bring your project to life

Plant the seed and watch it grow